A downloadable game for Windows

Ahmaret's Curse is a 2D pixel art platform game in development for PC. Play as Bruce, as he travels across foreign lands in search of the mysterious spirit of Ahmaret.

This is a pre-alpha demo of the Jungle area from Ahmaret's Curse. (Even though the demo says beta!) Download it and have a play, feedback/critique is always welcome as many improvements will be made between now and the full release!

Development Blog: http://ahmarets-curse.tumblr.com/

Twitter (Game): https://twitter.com/AhmaretsCurse

Twitter (Company): https://twitter.com/WhatPixelYouOn

Twitter (Developer): https://twitter.com/LiamReddington

Install instructions

Simply unzip the file and double click to launch! Included txt file includes useful information and links. Z key jump, X key attack, Arrow keys move. Enjoy!


Ahmaret's Curse Beta Demo 1.0.zip 15 MB